Ian Somerhalder's New Selfie Reveals Exactly How He Feels About the ’50 Shades’ Casting (PHOTO)

ian somerhalder, the vampire diaries, 50 shades of greyGuess who's looking like he's got a major case of the sads? Ian Somerhalder. If his most recent selfie is anything to go by, Ian's down in the dumps after the 50 Shades of Grey casting announcement. My proof? He could have taken this photo in one of a million filters. Instead, he settled on...the gray one. Boom.

Even when he's depressed, the dude knows how best to highlight his looks. This recent snap taken on the set of 'The Vampire Diaries' is all about his cheekbones. Are his nostrils also highlighted? Yes, yes they are. We are willing to overlook this fact, because we know he's in a dark place. With no more Nina Dobrev, and no shot at playing Christian, what can he do to transform himself from a sad Ian into a glad one?


He's on the right track with this photo. We all know that taking sad-selfies is a crucial phase of the grieving process. It probably works even better if you're adored like Ian. His followers are quick to chime in and remind him that he is flawless. Life is difficult when you are, to quote 'Zoolander', really, really good-looking.

But don't fret, Ian! We've compiled a list of five things that just might help you get out of the doldrums and back to living life in technicolor.

1. Eat Cookie Dough

There are few things in life that a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough eaten (while swaddled in a blanket in front of the TV) can't cure.

2. Take to the Stage

When a relationship doesn't work out, it's not uncommon for folks to rebound into a new one quickly. Since 50 Shades the movie is off the table, why not pour your heart into adapting it for the stage? A musical number about Ben Wa balls, anyone?

3. Cut Your Hair

Nothing says a fresh start like a shaved head. Oh my god, Ian, no! I was kidding! Stop crying, it will grow back. In the meantime, try this hat on.

4. Learn a New Language

Something tough, and distracting. Aramaic perhaps? I bet if you tried hard enough you could compel the entire cast of The Vampire Diaries to do a whole episode in the dead language. Hey, if James Franco can be professionally weird, why can't you?

5. Write Your Own Book

Ian. IAN. Step away from the camera-phone and sit down in front of the laptop. The world's got a fever, and the only prescription is reading erotic fiction as penned by Ian Somerhalder. You could work in your love of the environment! Perhaps an underwater sex scene? Dolphins swim by? Maybe?

What do you think Ian should do to cure his blues?


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