10 Things to Love or Hate About Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey

Charlie HunnamBy now I'm sure you've heard the news: the part of Christian in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie adaptation has been cast, and the honor goes to ... *drumroll* Charlie Hunnam! Also I guess someone's playing Anastasia, but that's a subject for a different article, possibly one written by an author who isn't slobbering all over her computer screen while enduring the HORRIFIC task of searching out shirtless photos to accompany it.

(Oh yes: there are shirtless photos ahead.)

I've seen headlines marveling over how the Fifty Shades team chose "unknowns" for the lead roles, which is crazy because Hunnam's been burning up the small screen for years in FX's Sons of Anarchy. I honestly didn't think the Fifty Shades movie could grab my interest all that much, and then they went and cast JAX effing TELLER.

As for how he'll do as the star of this much-anticipated film, here are 10 things to love -- or hate -- about Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey:


1) He's British. Christian Grey isn't British, but E.L. James is, so maybe this somehow makes some sort of cosmic sense? Hunnam is originally from Newcastle, England, but he hides his accent really well. I actually had no idea he wasn't American until I watched a Sons of Anarchy interview with him recently.

2) He had a rough childhood. Hunnam had what he's described as a "tough-guy" father and a "bohemian" mother, who divorced when he was 2 years old. When his mom eventually remarried, Hunnam moved to the Lake District when he was 12, at which point, he says:

... people started trying to prove their worth by fighting me on the playground to prove that they could have the Newcastle kid. So I ended up having a horrible childhood, a horrible time in school, having to really defend myself a lot. (...) had that not happened to me, I think I would still have been as ambitious but I may not have been as disciplined and driven as I am now.

Hmm, troubled childhood, disciplined adulthood? Sounds awfully familiar, doesn't it?

3. He's got dirty blond hair. Also he's 33. Christian Grey was, what, 27? With dark copper hair? Oh well, a little dye job can fix that right up. But I do think Hunnam's got the smoldering gray eyes thing down-pat. Technically I think they're blue, but they're more the steely color than bright UGH WHO CARES LET'S GET TO THE ABS.

4. His body is fan-freaking-tastic. Hunnam keeps his body in top form with boxing, swimming, pullups, and weightlifting, according to Men's Fitness. All that work has definitely paid off, because whoa:  

I greatly prefer Hunnam with his Jax Teller goatee, but he looked pretty damn good in Pacific Rim too:

5. He's a little rough-looking for smooth, sophisticated Christian. It's true that I don't tend to think of Hunnam as rocking an immaculate suit. Maybe it's because I've formed too much of an association with his Sons of Anarchy character, but even when he was dressed to the nines for his Pacific Rim media tour, he looked a little uncomfortable. (Still hot though.)

6. He's definitely got the sexy bad-boy thing going. No problems there. Plus, oddly enough, I can actually see him tossing out a "Laters, baby" and making it sound good.

7. He's got an impulsive, romantic side. Back in 1999, Hunnam met actress Katharine Towne and they married just four weeks later. Unfortunately, the marriage broke up in 2002, so ... uh, I guess I'm not sure where I was going with that. Something something swept away by attraction, just like Christian?

8. He can totally pull off the broody, sensitive vibe. See for yourself. Enough said, right?

9. He's a smart cookie. He may play a thuggish role on SoA, but Hunnam's a pretty well-rounded guy. He's currently developing a screenplay he wrote entitled Vlad that was bought by Summit Entertainment. Plus, he has a degree in the theory and history of film from the Cumbria College of Art and Design, along with a qualification in performance art.

10. Did I mention his body?

Honestly, I have no earthly idea if this was a good casting choice or not, but from my perspective, Hunnam is one of the very few actors who could have possibly been announced for the role and grabbed my interest in a big way. I'm extremely curious to see how he performs as Christian, but mostly -- can't lie -- I'm looking forward to what I can only hope are many, many scenes involving his clothes coming off.

So, what do you think of Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey?

Images via FX, Men's Fitness

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