Nina Dobrev's Cryptic Post Makes Her Sound Bitter About Breakup With Ian Somerhalder

nina dobrev, quotes, ian somerhalderBreaking up with your boyfriend is never exactly the easiest or most fun activity on the planet. This is true even if you are Nina Dobrev and the boyfriend in question is Ian Somerhalder. Breakups are yuck just all over.

What do we do to heal our wounds when stuff goes kaput? We vent. Celebrities are no exception when it comes to exercising this guilty pleasure. Take, for example, a recent post on Instagram courtesy of Nina. At first glance, it's a generic, if vaguely inspirational, quotation devoid of meaning. But if you look again, it's basically a coded message to her ex.


After a breakup, hurt feelings obviously run rampant. With the birth of social media, we've all put away our puffy, pink journals covered in unicorns and found a brand-shiny new place to vent our angst -- all as passive-aggressively as possible, of course.

"Wouldn't it be nice if sweatpants were sexy," her post begins. Is stylish Nina taking a dig at Ian's boho, California-casual look? Perhaps. The quote goes on to despair about how the world would be so much nicer if "girls didn't cause so much drama, and guys were less confusing."

Um. Nina. That kind of sounds like you are implicating another woman in your split with Ian! If you don't want everyone to think you are not over your ex, refrain from making veiled references to "men being difficult" and "girls causing drama" for at least 18 months. Or at least until after Fifty Shades of Grey has been cast. Because until it's set in stone, all this pining just makes Ian seem like an even more appealing Christian.

Do you think Nina's post was about Ian?

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