'50 Shades of Grey' Movie Insider Spills 5 Details We've Been Waiting For

dana brunetti producer 50 shadesFifty Shades of Grey fans have been waiting so long for official movie details that it's starting to seem like we're NEVER going to hear a peep from the studio! But thankfully, producer Dana Brunetti chatted with Lori and Michele on Northwest Prime radio the other day and was sweet enough to spill several veeerrry interesting details about casting and what we can expect down the road. And you can't get more official than one of the producers himself, right?

Here, all the latest juiciest scoop on the movie we're hoping will MAKE summer 2014 ...

  1. According to Brunetti, there's no need to worry about the release date. It will be August 1, 2014.
  2. He alluded to the fact that many fans may be disappointed with their choice for Christian, explaining that everyone needs to understand how difficult casting can be and that when you read a book, when you have an image of the character, what you get on screen rarely matches that image. He acknowledges that a lot of people will be unhappy with the choice, no matter who they pick.
  3. Brunetti says they are paying attention to fan chatter about casting, and it is considered, but many other factors are going into the decision.
  4. The biggest hold-up it seems with casting is that they want to make sure the chemistry is just right between the leads. Makes sense. Brunetti explained that they need to do a chemistry test between the lead actors before signing. Whoever is picked up as Christian will have to test with who they like for Ana. That said, he made it sound like Christian will be chosen first, and then Ana. But that's not definitive.
  5. Speaking of definitive, as of right now, there's no official plan to produce Fifty Shades Darker or Freed flicks! They want to, but they say the focus is entirely on the first film right now. Which they've gotta knock out of the ballpark so we can get movies 2 and 3.

What are your thoughts on what Brunetti had to share?


Image via Andrew P. Alderete/Wikimedia

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