Latest '50 Shades of Grey' Casting Rumors Make the Movie Sound Like a Total Mess

charlie hunnamAnother day, another Fifty Shades of Grey casting rumor hushed by the studio. Studio insiders and sources close to Charlie Hunnam, who was recently reported as the top contender for Christian Grey, say NO casting decisions have been made, Variety reports. Okay, okay, we get it! So annoying.

Apparently, no one's concerned that the film is set to open in less than a year. Variety notes that "the shoot is not expected to be a long one, and there is still time before a decision needs to be made." Um, perhaps ... Or maybe the studio may be taking more time than advisable and getting too comfortable with this idea that they're going to get 'er done 1-2-3?

Sounds like it's officially time to start getting concerned that the film could end up being a piece of crap.


Another reason to worry: Variety notes that Hunnam is appealing to the studios, because he's a rising star with a reasonable price tag. A hot actor with Brad Pitt potential who isn't going to ask for zillions. Uh oh ...

I get that Focus and Universal don't want to spend an arm and a leg, but it seems like they may also be taking a major risk by going with mostly unknowns. Will Hunnam and, say, Dakota Johnson as Ana actually be able to carry the film? Are they going to have any recognizable faces among the cast, or go for Lifetime movie-level actors to be budget-friendly? Ugh!

All of this paired with the fact that interest in the movie is waning, because fans are merely getting burned out waiting for it is a potential recipe for DISASTER. All I'm saying is -- let's not be surprised if the whole thing ends up going up in Gigli/Glitter-esque flames.

Are you troubled by how long they seem to be dragging their feet with casting and the possibility that they're going for a "budget-friendly" cast?

Image via FX

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