'Twilight' Author's Diss on '50 Shades' Author E.L. James Is Priceless (VIDEO)

It must be awesome to be Stephenie Meyer, the author of one of the most successful series of books in history: the Twilight series. Hey, if it weren't for Stephenie, Robsten would have never existed, ya know? But in some ways, it must kinda suck to be Miss Meyer, because everyone is always asking her about another mega-successful female author, E.L. James! James, aka Erika Mitchell, wrote one of the other most successful series of all time: the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. And as Stephenie has already made clear, she has not read Fifty Shades nor does she have any intention of it. Watch the look on her face when a TMZ reporter asks Meyer a Fifty Shades question. It's pretty hysterical.


Stephenie had already said awhile ago:

Erotica is not something I read. There’s a reason why my books have a lot of innocence.

She also reportedly said the books were "too smutty" for her. Which is all kind of ironic since the erotic trilogy was orginally fan fiction based on Meyer's super-innocent trilogy. Must kind of gall her to have her characters turned into sex-crazed ben wa ball hounds!

On the other hand, by the time the book reached print, there was little resemblance to the vampire characters Stephanie created. Still ... everyone knows! It's quite clear that Erika is a big fan of Stephenie.

Not so much the other way around. Catch Stephenie's reaction when she's asked if she has "any casting advice" for the upcoming Fifty Shades movie. It leaves nothing to the imagination about how she feels about it:


So, um, Stephenie ... Guess you won't be seeing the movie? Haha. Nobody give Steph a pair of CG-monogrammed furry cuffs for her birthday, 'kay?

Well, Stephenie, if it's any consolation, I haven't read E.L. James' books either. Or yours for that matter.

Do you think Stephenie was dissing E.L.?


Image via Nate Beckett/Splash News

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