'50 Shades' Movie Casting Could Mean Choosing This Actress as the 'Perfect' Ana

Jane LevyYou know what we haven't talked about recently? Casting news for Fifty Shades of Grey! Just kidding. It's one of the best and greatest things to talk about because ... really, why not? There are only so many ridiculously hot-looking white people we can come up with who are willing to spank and tie each other up on the big screen for the entire world to see. The latest? It's kind of a big deal: Suburgatory's Jane Levy has been coined as the "perfect" Anastasia Steele.

Whoa, dem's fightin' words, huh Alexis Bledel/Emilia Clarke/Emma Watson/Kristen Stewart/Nina Dobrev fans?

Apparently Levy was given this very coveted title by a fan base called Everything 50 Shades. And casting her actually makes a lot sense. Good job, fans! Because you know we will continue to speculate about this to death until an official announcement is made. We just have to.


Here are a few reasons why fans are in Levy's corner. Levy is almost the same age as Ana, since she is 23. She also isn't that well known (like with the others, no one will immediately think of Rory Gilmore or Hermione Granger or Bella Swan, etc., etc.). According to Levy's IMDb page, she's only starred/will star in eight titles.

It's also safe to say, as with all of the other amazing actresses whose names are constantly in the running, that Levy's got the perfect look. She's got those piercing blue eyes, pale skin, that sweet, innocent face -- all she needs is a brunette dye job and she's got the part. Though if that's her natural hair color ... yeah, jealous.

Considering there's a casting call going on for both Christian Grey's and Ana's role, perhaps it wouldn't hurt if Levy were to drop on by and get her name in contention. She's the right age, she's got the right look, she's got the perfect amount of experience, and she has the fan base to back her up. Maybe "perfect" is the right word to describe her for the part after all!

Do you think Jane Levy would be the "perfect" Anastasia Steele?


Image via Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

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