New, Official '50 Shades of Grey' Lingerie Could Have Been Even Sexier

bluebella 50 shades undiesJust about any company affiliated with anything remotely related to sex and/or romance has wanted in on the Fifty Shades of Grey bandwagon for over a year now, so it's no surprise that we're hearing about yet another merch line inspired by Christian and Ana's love story. A lingerie line nonetheless!

Brit company Bluebella is releasing babydoll sets, bras and panties with detachable silk ties, and sheer undies, which you'll notice are official, "regulation" Fifty Shades of Grey wear, because they actually sport famous quotes from the novels, like, "Oh my!" and "Laters baby." No worries about the copyright for those Pinnable phrases -- E.L. James herself teamed up with Bluebella to make the sexy skivvies. Even more enticing now, aren't they?


The only thing is ... I don't know about you, but I'm not about to rock a bra that's actually emblazoned with a phrase from the book. It's one thing to wear your favorite team's jersey, a politically-charged sweatshirt, or a retro ad tee. It's one thing to wear a bra that has a little, barely noticeble detail proclaiming that it's Calvin Klein or Victoria's Secret or whatever brand it is. But come on now. Are we really going to flaunt a pair of bikini briefs that say "You Are Mine"? Not so sure 'bout that.

I feel like they would have done better to offer more designs that hint at (as opposed to outright express) that sexy-sassy 'tude. Something anyone could wear without being a bit embarrassed that they're such a big fan of the books. Something someone who isn't even a fan may covet! Perhaps a design directly plucked from the pages, like light blue lingerie that meets the exact description of the kind Christian picked out for Ana to wear in the Red Room of Pain. And of course, it would never hurt for anything to come in grey silk -- maybe with little ties on the sides of the undies (obviously a nod to Christian's tie without being so LITERAL, you know?).

Still, Bluebella's got plenty goin' for them. With a seal of approval from the editor herself -- and a bra that doubles as a silk tie for bondage -- blatantly branded or not, there's really no way they can go wrong.

Would you wear this lingerie?


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