'The Wolverine' Reviews: Hugh Jackman's Anticipated Movie Brings a Few Surprises (VIDEO)

Hugh JackmanIf you're planning on heading to the movies this weekend, it sounds like you can't go wrong in buying tickets for The Wolverine, which is already shaping up to be a huge box office hit based on the film's reviews.

Whether you're a hard core Marvel comics fan who has been anticipating the movie's release for months, or someone who simply can't resist seeing Hugh Jackman look all buff and sexy with his shirt off (yes, please) -- the flick is bound to please and keep you entertained and glued to the big screen. (Again -- Hugh Jackman is half-naked. How bad can it be?)


Want to hear what people are saying about the movie so far? Here's a quick run down of the reviews that have come in.

"It's a bit unwieldy but its moral complexity, Jackman's acting and an absolutely stunning sequence that manages to turn the overdone top-of-the-train chase scene into something we haven't seen before, puts The Wolverine in the upper echelon of super hero summer blockbusters. Four out of five stars." -- ABC News

"... it's worth pointing out two things that The Wolverine gets right (aside from Jackman's always excellent, strong-and-silent-type performance as Logan). The first is an action sequence that occurs mid-way in the film, when Wolverine is being pursued on top of a bullet train. By now, we've all seen so many beat-downs atop locomotives that they've become numbingly similar. But the one in The Wolverine is so frantic and adrenalized (not to mention the only part of the film that takes advantage of 3-D) that the familiar becomes new again. The film also sticks the landing on a brief teaser scene after the end credits that hints at future developments in the X-Men universe. I won't spoil the pleasure of what happens. But you have to hand it to Marvel for managing to leave audiences breathless in anticipation of a sequel after making them sit through two-plus hours of merely satisfactory storytelling." B- -- Entertainment Weekly

"A crackerjack action flick, thanks to slick directing and a great-looking cast. Emotionally stunted, but you won't notice a bit." --

"Thirteen years after his mutant debut in Bryan Singer’s terrific X-Men, Jackman, also a producer here, owns the Wolverine character. The charismatic Aussie has added some martial arts moves to his character’s slice-and-dice repertoire, is buffer than ever and shows no sign of flagging. A post-credits sequence teasing next year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, has Fox execs betting fans’ interest won’t diminish, either." -- The Hollywood Reporter

"Fans of the character disappointed by X-Men Origins who have been clamoring for a great Wolverine movie, one that lives up to Bryan Singer’s early X-Men movies, should be thrilled. Those just wanting a solid, well-made action film might be surprised by how much depth Mangold brings to the mix. The results are the best comic book movie of the summer and one that rarely feels like a comic book movie." -- Comingsoon.net

Here's The Wolverine trailer if you're hungry for a sneak peek.


Are you planning on seeing The Wolverine this weekend?


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