Robert Pattinson Heads Back to L.A. So He Must Want to See Kristen

robert pattinsonLucky Canada has been hosting Robert Pattinson in Toronto while he films Map to the Stars. Until now! Pattinson was spotted flying back to LA, and everyone seems to have the same question: Is he coming back to Kristen Stewart? And the answer to that question is: Are you insane, or do you just have amnesia? It's denial. That must be it. Someone tell me there's a support group out there for people who cannot accept that Robsten is over.

So now that we've sorted that out, many are left wondering why Rob is flying back to Los Angeles, then. If not for Kristen, then for what? To see his possibly real/possibly fictitious girlfriend Riley Keough? Because that's why Rob flies to Los Angeles --  to see girlfriends. Not because he lives there or is involved in the entertainment industry or anything.


I just think it's funny how all the speculation over Robert Pattinson's travel turns to his love life. We really want it to be that exciting. He's coming back for the SEX! Go Rob! Woo hoo!

You know what's more likely? Rob probably has a bunch of meetings with producers and agents to talk about projects. But that's a boring headline: Robert Pattinson Flies Back to LA to Do a Lunch With Director Because It's His Job to Act in Movies. Click here and leave a comment: Do you think Robert Pattinson will order the pork belly or the lobster roll?

Or maybe he has a few days off from filming and just wants to put his feet up in his own den. Maybe he just wants to spend some time with his dog and his friends. It really could be that simple.

But I'm being so boring. Forget all that. No, here's the REAL Reason Robert Pattinson is flying back to LA, and why you should care: Because he's getting back together with Kristen Stewart for the sole purpose of having a threesome with Riley Keough, obviously. 

Do you think Rob is coming back to LA for work or pleasure -- or both?



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