New 'Catching Fire' Trailer: Katniss's Wedding Dress, Shirtless Finnick & a Kiss Team Gale Will Love (VIDEO)

hunger games: catching fire trailer still peeta katnissIt's been a few months since Hunger Games fans have gotten a new Catching Fire fix, so thank goodness a new trailer for the film premiered at Comic-Con on Saturday. While the first trailer gave us a glimpse at District 12, more creepy President Snow played brilliantly by Donald Sutherland, and a look at what's next for Katniss and Peeta as they try to move on with their lives as victors, there wasn't much in the way of a peek at the aquatic Arena of the Quarter Quell or even Finnick in all his shirtless glory! Well, now, we've got all of that and MORE.

The trailer also seems to prove that fans who complained that the first flick show the spectacle of the dystopia itself have nothing to worry about this time around. With the significantly bigger budget under its belt, the flick is clearly going to be bigger, flashier, grander than its predecessor ... not to mention just all-around JAW-DROPPING. Seriously. Check it out ...


I don't know about you, but this trailer leaves my heart pounding like few trailers have. I'm all about summer for as long as possible, but after watching this -- seeing even that quick glimpse of the Arena, the FASHION (go Cinna!!), the effects (the training center looks insane!), that kiss (there ya go, Team Gale!), Sam Claflin proving he can pull off sexy Finnick -- it's almost as if November 22 can't come soon enough.

Thoughts on the trailer? What are you most looking forward to seeing more of?

Image via Lionsgate

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