'50 Shades of Grey' Casting Announcements Could Be Just Around the Corner

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Let's hope they shoot in Seattle and not on a sound stage!
The Fifty Shades of Grey casting announcement can't come soon enough for fans of the steamy series who've been waiting for at least a year to hear who'll be stepping into the roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. In fact, some fans have lamented that the process has been dragging on for so long that they're losing interest. Eek! To be fair, though, the truth is that it takes a long time for a quality major motion picture to be made, and we definitely don't want a low-rent version, right? But yeah, at the same time, we're still itching for an update of some sort ...

Well, the latest buzz is that with the release date set for August 1, 2014, filming could begin as soon as this fall. Additionally, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports that casting has begun to narrow down their top choices ...


Rumor has it that unknowns are more likely to be cast than known or A-list actors, which I would definitely believe more than anything else. Either way, we'll supposedly find out "within the next two months." Uh huh ... Not so sure about that!

All the official news about the film has seemed to pop up out of the blue. Even the rumors that sounded believable but turned out to be false -- like Joe Wright as director -- we didn't see coming when they did. So I wouldn't put my money on hearing anything at any particular time. Deadline shmeadlines! That includes the release date. Release dates change all the time. Who's to say this one couldn't?

Hey, you know, let them take their sweet time. It could make the difference between the film being a piece of garbage versus out of this world!

When do you think we'll get a casting announcement and they'll start shooting? Do you believe the film will be out in a little over a year?


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