Ian Somerhalder Should Choose His Own Anastasia Steele if He's Cast as Christian Grey

Ian SomerhalderEven though the Fifty Shades of Grey movie hasn't been cast yet, the general consensus seems to be that Ian Somerhalder should play Christian Grey -- because he's so freakin' hot it's tough to imagine anyone but him taking on the role.

But if he does wind up snagging the gig, who will wind up being cast alongside him as Anastasia Steele?

Well, according to a new rumor (and a very big one at that), supposedly Ian wants Amanda Seyfried to play Ana. I guess we should assume she was his second choice since he and Nina Dobrev are no longer a thing. (If he's interested in co-starring with Amanda at all, of course.)


Huh. Ian and Amanda. Yeah, I guess they do make a pretty hot duo -- though she'd have to ditch the blond hair in favor of darker locks for that particular role. 

And even though there has been speculation that Anastasia's role will be cast before Christian's, it really would make sense for them to do it the other way around and get Christian squared away first.

Think about it for a second -- wouldn't it take the chemistry between the two actors to a whole new level if whoever gets cast as Christian is allowed to "choose" his own personal Anastasia?

Since he's supposed to be this powerful, dominant dude and all -- won't whoever portrays him be even more believable if Anastasia's role goes to someone he's attracted to, not just acting like he's attracted to? (Sure makes sense to me.)

OMG. They'll be crazy to cast this flick any other way! Ana and Christian aren't you're ordinary movie couple. If their roles aren't given to exactly the right actors, the whole film could lose all credibility and wind up being a huge box office flop.

But if Christian and Ana wind up being anywhere near as hot on screen as they were in the Fifty Shades books? There's going to be a lot of pushing and shoving to get the heck out of the theater as soon as the movie is over, if you know what I mean.

Do you think whoever is cast as Christian should choose his own Ana?


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