'50 Shades of Grey' Movie's Anastasia Could Be Cast Before Christian

fifty shades of grey casting graphicMuch has been reported about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie so far that has turned out to be totally false. The director reports were wrong twice, the report that we'd be getting a casting announcement at Comic-Con was a false alarm, etc. But little by little, things really are coming together for highly-anticipated (that's an understatement!) film.

We now have producers, a screenwriter, a director, a release date, which clearly leaves CASTING next. And while everyone is guessing we'll get either Christian casting announcement first or jointly with Anastasia, that may not be the case. Ana could end up being the first to be cast!


At least if you were to believe this intriguing, though not so official "checklist" from Lovehoney, the brand behind the official Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys ... Looks like, at least in their estimation, producers will pick their Anastasia before they choose their Christian. It could simply be that it wasn't conscious at all and they just did it, uh, alphabetically? Or they're trying to stir up some buzz for the toy line, drive traffic to their social media sites, etc., OR they may have the inside track on casting!

Hey, not so crazy considering that the company did work one-on-one with E.L. James to design the toys, and she's been promoting them. It's possible Lovehoney is already planning some new products to be released with the film, so perhaps they DO know something we don't! Whoa.

When asked about the eyebrow-raising graphic, here's all a Lovehoney rep would say:

As the worldwide distributors of the Official Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys, bondage accessories and pharmacy items, the impending movie adaptations are undeniably exciting for us. With every announcement that is made, the anticipation for millions of fans increases in a spectacular climactic build-up, something E.L. James is incredibly well-versed at creating. We, along with the rest of the world, are on tenterhooks. The Fifty Shades effect is far from over.

Yeah, so whatever that means! Still, I wouldn't be surprised if they were to want to cast Ana -- and then bring various Christian contenders in to screen and chemistry test them with her. Makes sense. But one thing's for sure: If Ana is cast before Christian, and the actress is officially announced, and we're still left biting our nails (lips?) about which actor has scored the part of the mercurial leading man, all HELL is going to break loose! Think you're frustrated now? Just wait. Oof. For that reason, let's hope Focus and Universal at least have the decency to keep it all a secret from us until both leading roles are confirmed. 

Do you think they'll cast Ana first? Would you prefer the studio to announce both leading roles at once or would you be ok with waiting on Christian?

Image via Lovehoney.co.uk

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