'50 Shades of Grey' Movie Cast Will Be Revealed Sooner Than We Realize

couple kissingNow that it's got director Sam Taylor-Johnson on board and a release date of August 1, 2014, the Fifty Shades of Grey movie seems well on its way to being a reality -- fiiiiinally! Still, fans won't be completely satisfied until casting news is announced. Well, thankfully, it sounds like we won't have to wait too much longer!

A source has exclusively revealed to Hollywood Life when producers plan to lift the curtain on their official picks for Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele ... 


They claim, "A reveal of the cast is currently planned for Comic-Con." The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con is scheduled to run from July 18-21. That means we may know who's cast in LESS THAN A MONTH. Oh. Em. Gee!

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After what seems like an insanely long wait, it's kind of crazy to think that the announcement may be coming so soon. Then again, it sort of ... has to. Think about it. Now that we know the studio is promising a August 2014 release date, we know they've got to get on the ball with shooting ASAP. Rome -- nor the Fifty Shades of Grey film -- wasn't built in a day! Just for comparison's sake, The Other Woman, starring Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, has been shooting for a couple of months now, and that's due out April 2014. So I would venture to guess Fifty Shades of Grey will have to start shooting sometime this fall to get production and post-production done in time.

And you surely can't shoot without a cast! That said, whether you're Team Ian Somerhalder or campaigning for Felicity Jones, hold on to your hats! It's about to get REAL. I wouldn't be surprised if we know exactly who will be stepping into the coveted lead roles by this time next month.

Would you bet the Comic-Con rumor is true? How do you think you will feel once the cast is announced?


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