'50 Shades of Grey' Frontrunner With the Best 'Odds' of Playing Anastasia Steele Revealed

alexis bledelWhen it comes to who will be cast as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, all bets are off right now! It's anyone's game! (Even Ian Somerhalder says so!) Except ... some actors may have an even better shot at the prized parts. One actress in particular seems to be pulling ahead -- at least according to an online betting site called Paddy Power. Yeeeah, I know, but bear with me ...

A spokesperson for the site -- which, let's not be naive here, is likely just talking Fifty for a quick publicity fix -- claims, "We have seen a ton of money on Alexis Bledel, and it’s clear punters fancy her for the role -- we’ll be facing a spanking payout if she’s tied down for the role.” Ba dum chhhh! In other words, the guy's not necesarily saying she's a shoo-in, but that fans have placed their bets on her. The only reasonable question to follow then is: Does it really matter what Fifty Shades Nation may want or believe?


In other words, are producers and Sam Taylor-Johnson and Queen E.L. James herself actually taking into account all the buzz about Ian Somerhalder, the campaigns for Matt Bomer, the trailers starring Alexis Bledel? Or are they planning on casting the film with complete unknowns or box office gold stars?

Now don't come after me with pitchforks, but I'd guess the latter. Judging simply by their picks for screenwriter and director, it looks like Universal and Focus are playing it artistic ... a bit avant-garde but safe. They're going for quality over shock value, which means they obviously care about a major return on their investment. And for that reason, I have a feeling they'll either go with actors who have had minimal visibility until now (like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart pre-Twilight) and who they can craft into the Perfect Christian and Ana OR stars who will be a sure thing at the box office.

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Unfortch for Alexis fans, she fits neither of those descriptions. I'm not saying it could never happen. There's probably a slim chance. But given her TV-heavy resume and inability to really ever launch a full-fledged, uber-successful film career, I wouldn't put my money on her scoring the role.

How good do you think Alexis's chances are? Do you agree the final picks for Ana and Christian will be either unknowns or MEGA-stars?


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