10 Naughtiest '50 Shades of Grey' Quotes Straight From Christian & Ana's Lips

Maressa Brown | Jun 26, 2013 Movies

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With pre-production of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie underway, fans' interest in the insanely popular series isn't waning anytime soon. Like it or not, the appetite for Christian and Ana's love story is sure to only get more and more insatiable. We're talking chat rooms, secret Fifty Shades Facebook groups, book clubs -- women of America have spoken and what we're saying is that we want more Christian and Ana! 

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Thankfully, while waiting on the screen adaptation to be cast, there's plenty a fan can do to while away the days. Like re-reading the books ... or pinning sexy Fifty Shades quotes on Pinterest, for one thing. (Shameless plug: If that's the kind of thing one is into, CafeMom has its own Fifty Shades board our readers may want to check out!) Even just checking out a few choice, steamy quotes from the leading lady and her mercurial man is enough to get folks in the mood. Here are some of our favorite and most titillating quotes to get the (creative?) juices flowing ...

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Read on to see which quotes we picked, and prepare for things to get really, really, steamy. 

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