Couple Saves Their Home From Foreclosure by Writing Their Own '50 Shades of Grey'

What would you do to save your home? Sadly, that is a question tens of thousands of people have had to ask themselves in recent years. Likely inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey, one Detroit couple ended up doing something they never dreamed of to keep their family of seven from being homeless.


Last summer, Jack and Jasinda Wilder were in the midst of a financial crisis they feared would leave them and their five children on the street. Their youngest son contracted a virus and the father had to leave his teaching job to care for him. Then Jasinda's salary was slashed after the music program was canceled. Close to foreclosure, they were desperate. The couple went down into their basement and started writing a series of steamy romance novels that they self-published.

bookIn six months, they kicked out 20 titles and made more than enough to pay their $1,200 a month mortgage. With each book, their fan-base grew, and this past spring, their romance Falling Into You made The New York Times Best Seller list and it hit #1 on Amazon. Amazing, right? Now, their books aren't exactly what I would call literature, but that clearly wasn't what they were striving for. They were nearly down to their last dime and feared losing their home. This was what they needed to do to save and they did.

If it sounds easy, well, it was. Any shame they may feel from being authors of mommy porn is nothing compared to the fear of being homeless. Even if tawdry romance novels aren't your thing, you have to admit this is a really smart move for this couple. How many times have you read a passage from a book like Fifty Shades and thought, "I could do that."

Are you inspired by the Wilders?

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