New ‘Insiduous: Chapter 2’ Trailer Makes Us Terrified Of Baby Monitors (VIDEO)

Insidious 2Did you see the 2010 horror movie Insidious? Brought to you by the diabolical folks behind Saw and Paranormal Activity, Insidious racked up some decent reviews for its haunted-family thrills and chills, including the praise that while it may not necessarily have delivered the most unique storyline in the horrorverse, "it succeeds as a shock-a-minute fright fest with plenty of atmosphere and dread," and that the film could in fact be summed up with the following three words: "SCARY AS HELL." (IGN)

Insidious reportedly cost less than $2 million, but pulled down an impressive $84 million total in international sales, so it's not particularly surprising to hear a sequel is on its way to the big screen. A two-and-a-half minute trailer for Insidious: Chapter 2 just made its debut online, and I have to say -- it's creepy. It's REALLY creepy.


I managed to miss the original (horror fan FAIL), so bear with me here, I can only report what I've read elsewhere. Insidious 2 apparently picks up where its predecessor left off with the beleaguered Lambert family. In the first movie, it was discovered that the Lambert's son Dalton was trapped in "The Further," a sort of astral plane of dead souls, and the only person who could go get him back was -- SPOILER ALERT -- his father, who was then possessed by a creepy old woman evil spirit demon-type thing.

Anyway, the sequel seems to show the Lamberts back together as one big old happy family again, ready to put all that unpleasant business in the past, but things don't exactly work out in their favor.

Here's the clip:

GAH, right? Man, I love a good scary trailer almost as much as I love scary movies. This one's deliciously spooky, what with the ghosts and the freaky imagery and the downright spine-chilling musical score. How messed up was the moment when that empty walker came jingling into the room? And the BABY MONITOR. Jesus, those Paranormal bastards know how to dig right into the parental phobias, don't they? Also, what the crap is Dad pulling out of his mouth at 1:26? A TOOTH? Oh yeah, I'm definitely watching this one.

What do you think of this trailer? Will you be watching Insidious 2?

Image via FilmDistrict

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