Kristen Stewart Gets Amazing News That Will Help Her Get Over Robert Pattinson

kstewThis might be the real reason why Kristen Stewart seems so dang happy these days. KStew has landed two new roles in independent films. She'll appear in Camp X-Ray and in Sils Maria. Both begin filming this summer. That's got to be putting some spring in Kristen's step. Work is a great way for her to move on post-breakup.

It sounds like her role in Sils Maria is a smallish one. She'll be playing the assistant to an aging theater star played by Juliette Binoche. Chloe Moretz stars as the ingenue/rival to Juliette's character, and it sounds like a fun, meaty role. I wonder if Kristen competed for the role and ended up as the assistant instead? Anyway, her other role this summer looks way more substantial.


In Camp X-Ray, Kristen plays a soldier stationed at Guantanamo Bay who gets close to one of the prisoners. Sounds intense! No word yet on who plays that prisoner, but it could be an opportunity to see if Kristen can make sparks fly with other co-stars. The Twilight magic may be gone, but that just leaves Kristen open to other possibilities. Not that she has to fall for every guy she plays opposite of!

If anything, the summer would be a great time for her to focus on working and figuring out who she is post-RPattz. That second bit can take time. I think everyone needs a little space and me-time after a breakup, especially after a long-term relationship.

These two new roles are also Kristen's big chance to prove she has some range. I kind of feel like her character in Snow White and the Huntsman wasn't much of a stretch. She got to explore a bit more in her On the Road role -- and she needs more roles like that one. And isn't it just cool to see her grabbing roles in smaller indie movies instead of another big crowd-pleasing blockbuster? Can't wait to see how she does.

What do you think about Kristen's two new films?


Image via Anicetus1/Flickr

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