Watch 'Behind the Candelabra' If Only for Matt Damon's Hair (PHOTOS)

matt damon liberace movieBehind the Candelabra premiere on HBO last night giving us a glitsy glimpse into the decadent life of Liberace played by Michael Douglas. Matt Damon plays his young lover Scott Thorson who looks a bit David Bowie in this shot. There are graphic sex scenes and tender moments and lots and lots of skin, but perhaps most eye-popping are the many different hairstyles from the 70s and 80s.

As a victim of the 80s feathered and hair-sprayed looks, I was most taken with Matt Damon's locks. I mean this is MATT DAMON. LOOK AT HIM! Essentially the original Jason Bourne went back in time to have sex with Liberace and wear the most flamboyant and super sexy and tight clothes to go with some of the most amazing hair you'll ever see on a man. Oh, yes!!! Take a look.


behind the candelabraA little Boogie Nights-esque here. Perhaps channeling Mark Wahlberg.

matt damon

Maybe this is practice for his role as the 4th addition to Charlie's Angels?

The open shirt! The gold chains! The frosted highlights!

Still HOT, Matt. Even with patchy denim and floppy feathered hair.

He'd make a great Bo Duke, too. Where's the General Lee?

Check out a teaser to the film to see all the hair in action.

Did you watch Behind the Candelabra? What did you think of the film? How much do you LOVE the hair?

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