'50 Shades of Grey' Movie's Direction Is Still Up in the Air

grey tieJust when we thought we had as-close-as-you-can-get to official Fifty Shades of Grey movie news, thinking that Price & Prejudice and Atonement director Joe Wright would most likely be getting the director gig on the film, Deadline is reporting that it was all a big fat premature LIE! Okay, not exactly. Apparently Wright was a likely candidate to direct, but it wasn't a sure thing as everyone seemed to think. And now he's reportedly had to bow out due to a scheduling conflict.

Still, the site reports that the "script by Kelly Marcel is in" (whoo hoo!), and "there’s no question that Focus, Universal, and producers Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti are beginning the search for a director." However, insiders warn the process has just begun. But even with Wright out of the running, there's still a short list of potentials floating around ...


The possible contenders include Gus Van Sant (who shot that notorious screen test with Alex Pettyfer), Bennett Miller (known for Moneyball), and TV director Patty Jenkins (who previously worked on Entourage).

Ehhh ... Sounds like one bummer after the next! At least with Wright, it seemed like we'd get a gorgeous, artistic flick with some Oscar potential. Maybe it wouldn't be the most graphic film, but his art house track record would have ensured the flick would come as smart as it would have been sexy.

With Moneyball, Miller proved he could turn out a gripping sports drama, and he also got an Oscar nod for directing Capote, but neither of those credits seems, well, sexy! How exactly could his style translate to Fifty Shades? Jenkins has the critically acclaimed film Monster and Entourage under her belt, but again, not seeing how she's the perfect fit.

Why aren't they considering directors with some steamier credentials? Like Steven Shainberg (Secretary), Sofia Coppola (female and directed subtly sexy Lost in Translation), Todd Field (Little Children and In the Bedroom), or Adrian Lyne (9 1/2 Weeks, Fatal Attraction, Lolita, AND Unfaithful)? If they're afraid that bringing on a director with a sexier IMDB page will cause the film to steer too much then into softcore territory, that's just plain silly!

Then again, at this point, who cares? Pick someone -- anyone! The suspense is killing us!

Who do you think should direct the film?


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