You Know You're a Hardcore '50 Shades of Grey' Fan When ... (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | May 15, 2013 Movies

red room of painIt was innocent at first. You didn't mean to become as infatuated as you did. But you couldn't help it. And now, you've just got to admit it -- you've come down with a seriously unshakable case of Fifty Shades of Grey fever. That's okay -- you're not alone!

There are people who've read Fifty Shades of Grey, and then there are Fifty Shades of Grey fans who mean business. They're captivated -- either because their sex lives have thrived thanks to the book, they can't wait to see the film cast, and/or they just can't get enough of Ana and Christian. No matter the reason, there's no shame. Here, 12 ways to know if you're a hardcore Fifty Shades fan ...

fifty shades of grey books slideshow

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