Kristen Stewart’s Birthday Gift for Robert Pattinson Could Backfire on Her

robert pattinsonWhat kind of birthday present do you get the eternal vampire boyfriend-who-has-everything? That's a tough question for Kristen Stewart, especially since Robert Pattinson is such an unconventional guy. I mean, this is the man who gave her a pen for her birthday. So she had to dig deep and think big. Well fans, she searched inside herself. And then the answer came to her: Astrology charts for RPatz! But of course.

One of Kristen's friends spilled to, "“Kristen is super excited to totally spoil Rob on his birthday this Monday. She is getting his charts done — his astrological charts from a really cool numerologist." Ah, the gift of self knowledge. Very wise choice, Kristen. Very wise choice. But are you really ready to let Robert plumb the depths of his soul?


You just never know what mysterious truths that numerologist might uncover. Half the fun is seeing if those charts really reflect you, as you understand yourself. The other half is reading strange insights you'd never considered before. Sometimes these charts can clarify personality traits that have always held you back, or special talents just waiting for you to exploit. Or... KEY MILESTONES OF YOUR FUTURE.

What if Rob's astrological chart tells him Kristen is not THE ONE? That he is destined to meet someone else? What if his charts tell him to break up with Kristen? Oh. The. I. Ron. Y. A back-firing birthday present! Is there time for Kristen to reconsider?

Or should she maye slip the numerologist a little somethin' extra to make sure Rob's charts come out in her favor? I'm not saying that's a good idea. The truth will come out eventually.

Do you think Robert will love getting his astrological charts done?


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