Robert Pattinson's Date With Katy Perry Is More Proof His Relationship With Kristen Stewart Is a Lie

twilightSo it looks like Robert Pattinson is 75 percent likely to be Kristen Stewart's date at the Met Ball. BUT WILL IT BE THEIR FAREWELL DATE?!? According to, Robert Pattinson signed a contract obligating him to make public appearances with Kristen as a couple. Yes, for Twilight publicity. Meanwhile, Rob's in New York, and has anyone noticed how close he is with Katy Perry? We've seen him and Kristen hang out with Katy together, most recently a Coachella. But then Rob and Katy saw a Daughters concert together, and over the weekend they had dinner together. OMG, is Katy Perry Rob's REAL girlfriend?!? Here's what Blind Gossip says about that contract.


His contract does obligate him to make public appearances with her, and he is not going to be the one to break their contract. That’s why you still see pictures of them on “dates”… and why fans can continue to fantasize about them being together for all eternity… He will be getting on a plane to Europe very soon, and is scheduled to start shooting a new film in April, so he hopes he won’t have to see her again for a while. He really likes being as far away from her as possible.

Okay... deep breath. According to Blind Gossip, the contract runs out in August but he's trying to get out of it before (with little luck). So it's a good thing he's keeping busy with so many projects. We know he's filming Maps to the Stars, and that's in Canada, and he must have loved being in Australia to film The Rover. But he's also got Queen of the Desert and Hold on to Me. Man, busy guy! How does he find time to skulk around with Kristen AND Katy Perry?

ANYWAY. That dinner he had with Katy was with two other friends, so it's not like they were alone on a date date. But they'd make a crazy couple, don't you think?

What if the gossip is true? What if Robsten really has been a publicity stunt all along? That would explain so much! Like how they always look so bummed out together. And how he supposedly took her back after she very publicly cheated on him. Hollywood romances don't last this long even without a major scandal like this! That they've lasted so long is either proof that their relationship is pure pretend, or it really is true love. As for me, I'd love to see a copy of that rumored contract. Send it on over here to The Stir and we'll take a look at it ourselves.

Do you believe the latest gossip about a fake romance contract?


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