Kristen Stewart Covers Her Face in Photo Again: What Is She Hiding This Time?

kstewSome lucky Twilight fans got the chance to snap a photo with Kristen Stewart. But wait a minute -- KStew is totally hiding in that fan pic at the Crystal Castles concert! She's got a hat on and her face tucked down so low you almost can't even tell it's her. (Gangsta hand signals give it away, obvs.) That is SO Kristen Stewart.

Wasn't she just saying she's finally come to accept herself as a "pretty shy person" who's stopped trying to overcome her awkwardness? Well, there you go. Kristen embracing her true self. But what about the faaaaaaaans? And why does she keep putting herself out there?


That's the thing I don't quite get. Kristen hates the spotlight (almost as much as Robert Pattinson seems to). And yet, she's out and about, seeing concerts, eating tacos with her friends. Not exactly Greta Garbo...

"I want to be alone!" How long before we hear Kristen say the same thing? Okay, fine, that was a movie. Still! For someone who claims to be shy, we see an awful lot of KStew. I've heard other celebs say that if you spend enough money you really can avoid the public eye. But maybe Kristen wants it both ways -- she wants to run around like a regular person doing regular 20-something things, she just doesn't want the paparazzi chasing her around. And hey, she seems pretty cheerful around fans.

But she knows that's all part of the job description of Movie Star, right? You may claim to be a shy person, but if you're pursuing a acting career, there is definitely a pretty BIG not-shy part of you that really wants to be seen -- by everyone!

Do you think Kristen should have looked up for this photo, or did her fans get it?

Image via mrfalcon/Instagram

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