Alexander Skarsgard in ‘The East’ Trailer Is the Ultimate Bad Boy (VIDEO)

alexander skarsgardWelcome to today's edition of The Alexander Skarsgard Daily! Where it's all Alexander Skarsgard, all the time. Ha! Just kidding! (Sorta.) Seriously though, ASkars has been keeping himself so busy lately, it's nearly impossible to let a day go by without mentioning the man. Take all the buzz surrounding the latest trailer for Skarsgard's upcoming "espionage thriller," The East. Not only does this new clip give us a better idea of just how badly we'll be biting our nails as the high-suspense story unfolds, it gives us a closer look at Alexander Skarsgard's abs character, Benji ... and guess what?


Skarsgard plays the passionate, pensive leader of a fanatically eco-conscious anarchist collective perfectly. Just as well, in fact, as he plays passionate, pensive Viking vampire Eric Northman in True Blood. Which proves, once and for all, that Alexander Skarsgard IS The Ultimate Bad Boy. For the new millennium! He's a Rebel With a Cause -- whether it's going after major corporations for their environmental crimes or protecting the world from Billith, he's reckless for a reason.

Plus, he looks damn good with dark hair. And a beard! Who knew? Check it out:

Bad boy, bad boy. Whatcha gonna do? WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU?!

Do you think Alexander Skarsgard is the ultimate bad boy?


Image via joblomovienetwork/YouTube

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