Kristen Stewart's Rupert Sanders Look-Alike May Not Have Been Who We Thought

kristen stewart thinkingRemember those photos of Kristen Stewart getting into a car with some guy who looks like Rupert Sanders? And it was a black Acura just like the one Rupert owns? And then Tuesday Robert Pattinson returned to LA from New York wearing his tell-tale Mad Face? And we're all, ruh roh! Because now it's time to speculate that Rob caught Kristen cheating again and flew back early to confront her, obviously. Remember that? Well, now forget it.

False alarm, everybody. False alarm. That was so NOT! Rupert Sanders behind the wheel of the car, you guys. That was just the valet, who happens to look like Rupert, and the car belongs to a friend of Kristen's -- or so say Kristen's friends. What is it with you gossipmongers, always assuming the worst of our poor beleaguered KStew?


Let's walk through this one. Kristen was out for dinner with her girlfriends at Malo, the same place where she'd just celebrated her birthday with Rob. And she's totally in public. And she knows she gets followed freakin' EVERYWHERE by the paps. Plus, there are photos of her standing in the valet line. Is she really going to rendezvous with Rupert in plain sight like that? Come on.

I'm not saying she wouldn't cheat on Robert again, ever. I'm just saying, if she did, it wouldn't be like this. And it wouldn't be with Rupert again, either. I mean, I'm just chalking that down to temporary insanity, because the guy is twice her age, and let's face it, he's not hot enough for seconds.

Still, it doesn't look good. Why is the valet in the driver's seat for so long? Usually those guys park, get out, and throw you the keys, and THEN people pile in. He probably wasn't Rupert Sanders, but he probably wasn't the valet, either. Whatever the truth is, it's probably complicated. (Rupert Sanders is now working as a valet and this was just a horrible coincidence??? Nah ...) Maybe he was just a driver bringing Kristen home after she drank a few too many cucumber margaritas.

Do you believe the driver of that Acura was Rupert Sanders, a valet, or someone else altogether?


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