'50 Shades of Grey' Movie May Not Have as Much Sex as We Want

grey tieEver since we heard Fifty Shades of Grey would become a movie, we've had various, ahem, fantasies about how Christian and Ana's story will look on the big screen. But there's also been speculation about whether or not the filmmakers will be able to be true to the book, considering the graphic sex scenes. After all, they're not making a porn! And a NC-17 rating could have the film be DOA at the box office.

Well, now we may have a new clue from one of the producers, Michael De Luca, as to how they plan on dealing with that and what we can expect when the film finally hits theaters ...


CinemaCon, the annual gathering of theater owners, took place in Las Vegas this week, and De Luca spoke to a crowd there about the plan for Fifty Shades of Grey, reminding them “that the movie will be different from the book. The book is literal by design. ... The cinematic language doesn’t have to be explicit.”

Oooh, I don't know about you, but that screams to me: LESS SEX! R-rating! If you were hoping for a seriously hot, boundary-pushing screen adaptation, lower your expectations! Womp womp

Then again, films are bound (no pun intended) to be different from the books that precede them. It's rare that a film gets it right. I can think of a few examples that knocked it out of the park, like Water for Elephants and The HelpGone with the Wind, obviously, but that's when Hollywood, well, CARED. Time Traveler's Wife broke my heart, because it so didn't do my favorite book justice.

Unfortunately -- and especially after reading De Luca's quote -- I have a feeling there's a very likely possibility that the Fifty Shades flick runs a super-high risk of disappointing fans. Especially if the "cinematic language" isn't as "explicit" as it needs to be to tell the story we've all fallen for.

What do you think about De Luca's remark? Are you worried the movie won't be as sexy as it should?


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