Robert Pattinson’s Stunning PDA With Kristen Is a Game-Changer for Them Both

rob kristen coachellaIt sure was exciting when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted at Coachella holding hands. But you know what? That was not the most exciting Robsten/Coachella moment. And we are SO not finished stalking Rob and Kristen (via tabloids) at Coachella. Nor are we finished pouring over every last photo of Rob and Kristen in order to divine the exact mood and status of their alleged relationship. Not by a long shot.

Fans, I give you: Robert Pattinson Puts His Hand on Kristen Stewart's Ass. Yes, that happened. And fortunately for us all, someone with a smartphone was there to capture it. Now let's discuss in detail what this all means.


Obviously this is the sign of a strong and healthy relationship! Says The Stir's totally made-up relationship expert Belinda Ornaught. Holding hands can be faked -- and often is. Entire fictional Hollywood marriages are built on fake hand-holding and exquisitely brief pecks on the mouth. But pats on the butt? Now that is true love.

Casualy placing your hand upon your girlfriend's backside during a concert indicates a certain kind of intimacy not typically found between two young people who are just keeping up appearances for the public. I know I've been a doubter. I've not believed these two are really a committed couple -- but now? I think I'm nearly convinced. That ass pat moved me. It's... the sincerest expression of affection I think I've ever seen pass between Rob and Kristen. I'm... I'm... why I'm tearing up here, I'm so touched!

Unless this was just Rob hoping to get lucky that night? Nahhh.

What do you think it means that Rob laid his hand upon Kristen's buttocks?


Image via @famousweekly/Instagram


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