Shocking New 'Byzantium' Trailer Hints at a Vampire Tale With Real Fangs (VIDEO)

byzantiumThe plot thickens! Remember a few months back when we gave you the scoop on the upcoming vampire flick Byzantium? You know, directed by Neil Jordan, starring Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan, moody and melancholy and pretty and quite possibly capable of re-inventing the vampire movie genre? (Or at least broadening the ongoing cinematic bloodbath?)

WELL. The new trailer hints at an epic tale even more twisted than we hoped!


Like the stage play it's based on, the screenplay for Byzantium combines two storylines: One concentrates on Clara (Arterton), the mother/maker who spends centuries trying to protect her daughter/progeny Eleanor (Ronan) from predators both dead and alive; the other explores Eleanor's seemingly-doomed romance with a young (human) man.

But -- possible SPOILER alert here -- I suspect one of the huge differences between Byzantium and, say, ahem, the Twilight series is that, well, I highly doubt this movie is headed for a feel-good ending.

Just saying. I could be wrong, of course ... but something about the fountain of blood thing in this clip makes me think nobody's getting out of this one alive. See for yourself:

You feel me, yo? This one ain't wrapping up with a snappy show tune, folks.

Do you think Byzantium will be different than all the other vampire movies?


Image via movieclipsTRAILERS/YouTube

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