Robert Pattinson May Already Want Kristen Stewart to Move Back In

robert pattinsonOh my God, the news today from Boston has been so horrible, I'm ready for any happy news at all, even if it's just silly news about Robsten. And for once, I'm not going to put on my sour face and be skeptical about these two. According to sources, Robert Pattinson wants to shack up with Kristen Stewart again. The family -- back together again! (Only without Taylor. Sorry, Taylor.) 

And he's not just inviting Kristen to bring over her favorite pillow and giving her a special drawer to keep her underwear and hairbrush. No. He's talking real estate. "Rob has taken a giant leap by officially suggesting they buy a love nest together," says the source. OMG, buying a house together?!?


But it's so soon, so sudden! Is she ready? Is he? What am I talking about? They reconciled back in the fall. It's April now. Plus, they were living together before. I guess it's been plenty of time.

So go ahead, Robsten. I've been a cynic all this time, not really believing you two are a couple. The ONE thing that could convince me that yours is true love, or at least that there's some sort of meaningful commitment going on there, is a joint real estate trasaction. Make it happen. Join financial forces in the name of property and I will believe in Twilight vampire love forever. Or until the next tabloid scanal. Just kidding! There won't be another one -- right, guys?

I'm just going to start scouting for mid-century gems for you two. Oh no, please, I will not accept a fee for my services. Believe me, it's entirely my pleasure. I would love nothing more than to find the perfect Richard Neutra-ish-designed home around Silverlake for you to buy. So please continue dallying at Coachella, your hipster bars, your taco stands, your paparazzi chases. Consider me one of your real estate agents. Cannot wait to find you two the perrrrfect house.

Do you think it's too soon for Kristen and Rob to move in together, or is it about time?


Image via Pacific Coast News




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