Potential Anastasia Steele Would Make '50 Shades of Grey' Movie Even Edgier (VIDEO)

aubrey plazaAlthough casting for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is definitely a long ways off, according to most of the insiders, it's gotta happen at some point. And when it does, it seems like just about everyone in Hollywood is going to be lining up for a role. Now, you can even include deadpan comedy queen Aubrey Plaza (of Parks & Recreation fame) in the line-up for Anastasia Steele. Maybe.

Aubrey was hanging out with MTV News recently for an MTV Movie Awards sneak peek and said, "Please cast me in that [Fifty Shades of Grey] movie!" Though, the way she always sounds sarcastic, it's kinda hard to tell if she's serious ... Especially when she explained, "I've read, like, some of [the book]. I haven't sat down and read the whole thing, but ..." But hey, let's not hold that against her or rule her out for the role just yet!


After all, she went on to actually read a couple of excerpts from the book! You wouldn't bother with that if you were totally disinterested, right? (Well, perhaps you would if you just wanted to make fun ...)

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At any rate, though, I could definitely see her as Ana. She's got the look down. I feel like even though she's been somewhat typecast as this jaded, rough-around-the-edges chick, she could play innocent. She did to some extent in Safety Not Guaranteed (good indie flick that came out last year). And we seem to forget that Ana does change over the course of the novels. She gets more mature, a bit more brazen, etc. In fact, she probably spends more time being like that than she does being naive. So why shouldn't the casting agents consider an "edgier," quippier Ana? If they were to, I wouldn't be surprised if Aubrey Plaza was the first choice on the list. (And if that doesn't work out, she could always just stick to playing Daria in a live action version of the film!)

Here's the MTV News clip if you missed it ...


Could you see Aubrey as Ana?


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