Robert Pattinson’s Male Co-Star Says He Was ‘Entranced’ by His Beautiful Face

robert pattinsonYou know Robert Pattinson is handsome. I know Robert Pattinson is handsome. I thought the whole entire world knew Robert Pattinson is handsome. But to his co-star in The Rover, Robert Pattinson's legendary handsomeness was a revelation. Australian actor Guy Pearce cannot stop talking about Rob's "beautiful" face. DID NO ONE WARN GUY PEARCE ABOUT ROB'S UNEARTHLY BEAUTIFUL FACE?!? He says he was "entranced," even when Rob was made up to be ugly.

Oh, hey, Rob isn't just a pretty face. Guy praises his acting chops, too. But mostly he just can't get over Rob's glowing beauty.


The best thing about Rob is that he is a really great actor. Watching the rushes back, you go: 'Ok, he is just going to be fantastic. He’s got this beautiful face.' So you are completely entranced by that face no matter how ugly he makes himself [for the character] or how wounded he is, or how manky his haircut.

Yeah, Rob's a great actor. I was real impressed. But also? His gorgeous mug makes the sun rise for me. I couldn't get over it. His eyebrows are so full and luxurious, I swear to God, I wanted to cry every time I saw them. And his eyes? Man, I wrote so many songs about those eyes. Wanna hear them?

But alas, Guy also describes Rob as "emotionally useless." WAIT! I took that quote completely out of context. (Which we never, ever do here at The Stir.) Guy was actually talking about Rob's character in The Rover, not the real Rob, who most certainly fulfilled Guy's every emotional need... d'ah I mean insofar as whatever Guy would need from a fellow actor, a colleague. Unlike the real Robert Pattinson, about whom I really know absolutely nothing, the character he plays "is slightly backward, emotionally useless and really vulnerable.” Sexy! In a slightly backward, emotionally useless and really vulnerable way.

Do you think other actors ever get star-struck around Robert Pattinson?


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