‘Elysium’ Trailer Features Ab-Tastic Matt Damon Saving the 99 Percent (VIDEO)

Matt Damon ElysiumWanna live out a futuristic fantasy as a member of the 99 percent? Well, you oughta go see the new sci-fi movie Elysium, which will be released on August 9. It stars an extremely hunky and bald Matt Damon and is about the very rich 1 percenters heading to a luxurious space station called, you guessed it, Elysium, while the rest of us are left behind on a very dirty, decrepit planet Earth.

Matt Damon plays Max, who's one of the many unfortunate souls left on Earth in 2159. The vermin on Earth are desperately trying to get off the planet, as poverty and disease run rampant, but the privileged on Elysium do not want them infiltrating and corrupting their utopia. It's up to everyday Max Da Costa to invade paradise and take on the big, bad, rich, tech-savvy folk, one of whom is played by a gorgeous-looking Jodie Foster.

Sounds kinda interesting, right? The action scenes alone might be worth the price of admission. And seeing Matt Damon shirtless.


Here's the trailer:

Looks pretty intense, right?

And if nothing else will convince you, here's a photo of Matt Damon's abs, an exclusive stillshot from the flick.

I'll give you a moment.

Dude's looking pretty fantastic at 42, isn't he? It appears that he had to be in great shape, too, considering that humongous body suit he's wearing throughout the trailer.

With this film coming out, as well as Damon playing Michael Douglas' lover in the Liberace film Behind the Candelabra, suffice it to say that Damon's got an extremely diverse acting resume, and it's going to be quite interesting to see him embody these two completely different characters. The action scenes in the two-minute trailer look incredible in Elysium (this is the same guy who loves lipstick and glitter in Behind the Candelabra?), and there's no doubt that the movie producers are harping on all the frustrations everyone is having with the haves and have-nots, the government, poverty, job loss, corruption, Occupy Wall Street, etc., etc.

A (perhaps somewhat) smart action movie? People on Earth being dirty, disgusting, and diseased until Matt Damon saves us all? We could always see some of that.

Would you go see this movie? What do you think of Matt Damon's abs?


Image via SonyPictures/YouTube

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