Robert Pattinson's Rumored Birthday Gift for Kristen Stewart Sounds Adorable but It Could Mean Trouble Ahead

kristen stewart  smileWhat do you get the Twilight girl who has everything for her birthday? Well, if you're Robert Pattinson, you get Kristen Stewart a dog. A source says the couple will be looking for a dog to adopt this week before they head out for the weekend-long Bellabation at Coachella. Daww!

What a sweet idea. Good for those two, adopting a rescue dog instead of going through a breeder, too. This is going to make their other dog, Bear, so happy. They adopted Bear right before that scandal broke out this summer and -- oh dear God, no. Not again!


Is an adopted dog the harbinger of breakups for these two? Everyone else is saying that adopting a dog together means KStew + RPatz = truLUV 4EVA. But look what happened the last time they brought a new baby home to the family! Not. Good. Maybe they're courting disaster here. Shouldn't someone warn them? Think of the children. It was hard enough when they were fighting over custody of Bear. If they break up again, there will be two dogs to fight over.

Although, now that I think of it, maybe those two dogs will make things more fair when/if they break up. One dog per person. Hey, maybe Rob's offering to get Kristen a dog because he wants to break up with her, but he wants to make sure she has a loving companion to depend on, first!

Why do I always go there? Why is it so hard for me to imagine these two in a happy, long-term relationship. Gosh, geez, I just do not know.

What do you think it means that Rob wants to get Kristen a dog for her birthday?


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