Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson’s Secret Trip to Texas May Have Involved a Wedding

kristen stewart robert pattinsonWhile the rest of us were cleaning the bathroom and attending Little League games this weekend, guess what Robsten was doing? Hanging out in the middle of western Texas, that's what. A couple of fans say they spotted Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Marfa, Texas, a hipster art town located smack in the middle of BFE.

That's Marfa, not Martha, FYI.

Rumor has it they were there for a wedding. OMG, A ROBSTEN WEDDING?!? Can it be true? Did it already happen and they didn't even invite us?


And the answer is NO. Not their wedding -- the wedding for one of Kristen's friends, Scout Compton. Well, that's according to HollywoodLife, who is extrapolating from various tweets. First Scout said something about a road trip. Then she posted a photo of "bridesmaids in flannel." And then mutual BFF Alannah Campion Instagramed a photo from Marfa. You see how this all ties together, right? That's some serious Sherlocking there. Or maybe just an overactive imagination.

Well anyway, aside from that giant, spurious leap for celeb gossip, a couple of fans spotted Kristen Stewart in town. "In 4 hours in a West Texas town of 2000, I've run into an old friend from SF, Millie from Freaks & Geeks, and Kristen Stewart," tweeted one lucky guy who refused any follow-up questions from a tabloid reporter. Unfortunately, no one thought to take a photo. Guys! We need proof. No one cares that you saw your friend from San Francisco and Millie from Freaks and Geeks -- all we want is visual proof of KStew in Marfa. Jeebus, what the hell are you doing on Twitter? Don't you even know how this works?!?

Whew, sorry, I got a little bent out of shape. It's just ... Rob and Kristen make it so hard to stalk them sometimes. Where was the "we're going to Marfa" press release? Know what I mean?

Do you think Rob and Kristen really were in Marfa, Texas this weekend?


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