Kristen Stewart Caves to Robert Pattinson’s Demands Even Though It’s ‘Killing Her’

robert pattinsonGeez Louise, it's been almost nine months since Kristen Stewart was caught having a fling with her Snow White director, Rupert Sanders. Yet it sounds like Robert Pattinson is still not ready to trust her. A friend says Rob's demanding they spend less time with each other. And Kristen is complying. Supposedly, they're happier for it. But it's "killing her."

If it's "killing her", how happy can they really be? I guess Kristen is just happy they're back together at all. The source says, "She misses Robert when he’s not around, especially since he was recently in Australia filming The Rover for over two months, but she’s not pushing it." Smart girl, if she wants to hold onto this relationship. But maybe she should be looking deeper into Rob's demands.


I can see why Rob would want to take things slow. He was betrayed, in a huge, splashy, public way, too. So not only did she smash his heart into dozens of little shards, she also made him look like a total schmuck. Can't blame the guy for not wanting to give her another chance to betray him. It's always hard to trust the love of your life again after they've cheated on you.

But ... that's not what I see happening here. What I see happening (and please do leave a comment below telling me how wrong, wrong, WRONG! I am) is a man who wants to break up with his girlfriend but can't. She betrayed him, they had to get back together for the sake of the moooovie, she gave him those special feelings all over again, and now he's in a pickle. He wants to move on with a more mature woman who won't be easily seduced by her not-even-hot director. But!

But he can tell Kristen's really sorry and loves him, so he can't bring himself to just dump her. So he's dragging this relationship out and it'll suffer the death of a thousand cuts. In other words, the classic long, drawn-out, passive-aggressive breakup wherein the guy ultimately gets to walk away still feeling like the good guy even though he basically forced his girlfriend to lose patience with him and break up with him.

Put her out of her misery, Rob! Just end it, if you're not in it to win it.

Do you think Rob's trying to take things slow, or is this a passive-aggressive breakup?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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