Scarlett Johansson's '50 Shades of Grey' Movie News Isn't All That It Seems

scarlett johanssonAll of this Fifty Shades of Grey buzz is starting to drive me mad. One second Sheridan Smith is tweeting to fans that she's snagged the role of Anastasia and the next rumors are buzzing that Stephen Amell had a REAL meeting about playing Christian Grey. It's like every second someone says those four words -- the world goes mad.

Naturally fans of the steamy trilogy nearly flipped their lids earlier this week when a major fan website announced that it wasn't Smith, but Scarlett Johansson who has been cast as Ana. After adequate freak out time, the website revealed that it was all just an April Fools' joke. And thank GOD. I mean come on, could you ever see Scarlett actually playing Ana?

She's 100 percent wrong for the part for this major reason.


Her age! I was actually surprised to find out that she was only 28 considering I think she looks a bit older than that. I would have guessed mid-30s. Even so, she just looks older than the Ana that we loved in the Fifty Shades trilogy. She doesn't look like she should be hanging out in college bars  or writing for a school newspaper, she looks like she could be teaching the lecture classes.

It's something that always bothers me, when older actors who play a role much younger than they are. Often it doesn't read well. I mean hello, Olivia Netown-John did NOT look like she was high school age in Grease -- the woman was 30 when the film finally came out! Mario Lopez as a high school boy in Saved by the Bell? Yeah, wasn't buying it.

Who knows, maybe Scarlett could be a better fit could be Mrs. Robinson, perhaps? I could totally see her rockin' some leather.

Who do you want to play Anastasia Steele?


Image via Paul Frasser Bird/ Flickr

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