'50 Shades' Movie Trailer Starring KStew & RPattz Shows Why They Need to Be Ana and Christian (VIDEO)

robert pattinsonIf the higher-ups at whatever studio that's producing the Fifty Shades of Grey movie have half a brain cell, they'd sit down and watch this fan-made Fifty Shades trailer that stars Kristen Stewart as Anastasia Steele and Robert Pattinson as the inimitable Christian Grey. It does all their work for them! First of all, it's evidence that Robsten would actually be great in the much anticipated flick, and second of all, it's useful supplementary evidence that Enrique Iglesias wouldn't be terrible on the soundtrack. Win, win.


And as you'll recall, E.L. James actually wrote Fifty Shades as Twilight fan fiction ... it's only appropriate that Bella and Edward get a chance at playing the roles then, don't you think?

Watch the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer staring KStew and RPattz and tell me what you think.


Photo via eldin82/YouTube

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