6 Robert Pattinson Movies You Never Knew Existed (PHOTOS)

Sheri Reed | Mar 28, 2013 Movies

How to Be Robert PattinsonThere was no Robert Pattinson, THE ACTOR, before Twilight, right? Oh wait, we all know he had that tiny recurring role as Cedric in Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. But nothing else, right? Wrong. Rob had a pretty prolific filmography before he became the beloved Edward Cullen. Before he scored his breakout role of America's favorite vampire, Rob played a range of characters with a range of hairstyles. And how did it take me this long to find out Rob has a man on man love scene on his resume?!! 

I have to warn you, though, these movie promo pics may do a number on your monster crush on Robert Pattinson. I mean, no matter what Rob does, he's pretty, but hair and wardrobe can really mess with this man's HOT factor. In a big way. So expect that you might feel a little confused, at the very least, about your feelings for Robert Pattinson after tromping through his eccentric movie past

Have you seen any of these more obscure Robert Pattinson films? If not, do you want to now?

  • Curse of the Ring (2004)


    Okay, let's go way back to a TV movie called Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King or Curse of the Ring (take your pick, I guess), originally titled Ring of the Nibelungs (I'm not kidding). In this film, Rob sported a lovely mullet and played a character named Giselher. It's based on Norse mythology and a German poem about a dragon slayer. Giselher has a pet hawk, is brother to one King Gunther, and sister to Kriemhild, and he has a girlfriend named Lena. That's all I got.

  • The Haunted Airman (2006)


    Ooooh, a scary TV movie. In The Haunted Airman, Rob plays Toby Jugg, an injured and wheelchair-bound RAF pilot committed to a creepy hospital where he starts to lose his mind. He smokes cigarettes, wears a gentleman-ly plaid bathrobe, uses his real British accent, and wears increasingly more and more purple eyeshadow as he goes nuts.

  • The Bad Mother's Handbook (2007)


    Well, what do we have here? It's some sort of Lifetime TV movie, starring Robert Pattinson. Score! Serious research reveals Rob plays the lovable yet nerdy and socially inept Daniel Gale in The Bad Mother's Handbook. He wears glasses and hides behind his hair a lot. The end.

  • How to Be (2008)


    In How to Be, Robert Pattinson plays Art, a 20-something college grad who finds himself in a dead-end job, dumped by his girlfriend, back living with his mean parents ... and immersed in an existential crisis. So he hires a self-help guru to come live with him and be his personal life coach. Think Art will find the meaning of life? I don't know, but Rob actually won a Film Festival award for this role. Maybe there's hope for Art (even if there's none for his hair).

  • Little Ashes (2008)


    Shut the front door! Rob Pattinson played 18-year-old Salvador Dalí?! Where have I been? That's crazy (and really bad casting, I'm pretty sure). This movie is about, oh you know, young Dalí hanging out in Madrid, being ultra-modern and sharing sexual tension with poet buddy Federico García Lorca, much to the dismay of their filmmaker friend Luis Buñuel. Then Salvador and Federico *almost* get it on. Oh what's that? You wish you could just zoom to the the part where Rob kisses a man. Here's the man on man love scene. You're welcome.

  • Love & Distrust (2010)


    In Love & Distrust, a straight-to-video compilation of short films about, you guessed it, love and distrust, Rob plays Richard in the 13-minute short called "The Summer House" (of which Rob gets about 3 minutes). From what I can gather, Richard is a two-timing, good-for-nothing boyfriend (and potential date rapist) with AHHH-MAAZING hair. Don't believe me? Check out a clip of "The Summer House." Hmm, that Richard seems more like a Dick.

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