New 'Wolverine' Teasers Reveal Hugh Jackman's Hottest Body Yet (VIDEO)

WolverineYou know what, it's probably a little early to be writing about The Wolverine, since Twentieth Century Fox is in the midst of a three-day marketingpalooza for the film. They started with a six-second Vine preview video yesterday, and tomorrow the entire trailer will hit the Internet. Wednesday is probably the day that it makes the most sense to direct your attention to Hugh Jackman in all his Wolverine-y glory.

However! Even though today's release is just a teaser of the highly anticipated sequel, it's still worth watching. Because: fight sequences, a badass-looking female warrior, the somber line "What they did to me, what I am, can't be undone," but most importantly HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS CHECK OUT HUGH JACKMAN'S INSANELY RIPPED BODY.


Let's start with the Vine clip. Personally, I hope this doesn't mark a big new trend for studios, because these short video loops make me feel like I'm having a damn seizure, but this is the "tweaser" that was released yesterday:

Vine - Vine

Ugh, who else needs an aspirin now? Anyway, quickly moving on to the actual non-nauseating teaser clip:

For the X-Men fans, there's all kinds of intriguing stuff hinted at for this follow-up to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Does he get it on with Dr. Jean Grey? Who's the samurai lady? And how about that line where Wolverine says that the experiments that turned him into a mutant can't be undone … but a mysterious man replies, "Don't be so sure"?

But really, can we talk about Hugh Jackman's shirtless torso? That was worth the early peek, right? Because the glimpses we get in that teaser are, like, TRANSCENDENT. That's just a work of art right there. I'm not even a big fan of the series but you bet your ass I'm going to be seeing this movie. Because ABS. Sorry to objectify you, Hugh, you're clearly a talented performer and singer and you seem like a super nice guy, but DELTOIDS. I totally appreciate your commitment to the role and your respectable acting resume and also VISIBLE BICEPS VEINS.

What do you think of the Wolverine teasers so far? Will you be seeing the movie?

Image via Twentieth Century Fox

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