Ryan Reynolds Tells Us How Extreme Fertility Runs in the Family -- Yes, This Really Happened (VIDEO)

Ryan Reynolds Emma StoneThere's a new movie called The Croods coming out today, and hottie Ryan Reynolds is in it. Okay okay, so his voice is in it (as is Nicolas Cage's and Emma Stone's), but that's still good enough for me. I mean, look at the guy. Ryan Reynolds is drop dead gorgeous. And I can say this with confidence: He's just as gorgeous in person. Why would an insignificant blogger like myself know something like that? Because I got to meet him a couple weeks ago ... and I still dream about it at night.

And don't be jealous, but when Ryan and I spent our time together, we talked about almost EVERYTHING, including why Emma Stone is a crazy person ... and how incredibly fertile his older brothers are.


Say whaaaaat?? Yep, Ryan Reynolds told us that all 15 of his nieces and nephews were going to the premiere of the movie a couple of weeks ago. "I have a lot of older brothers that are very fertile," he quipped. I wonder if any of them are still single ... and what exactly does that imply for him and Blake Lively? Are we going to get some ridiculously adorable offspring from his family's seemingly very viable sperm in the near future? Those babies would be so good-looking.

Seriously, though, Ryan is as amazing and charming offscreen as he is on. And tall. Also, Ryan and Emma had great chemistry IRL, they're both really damn pretty, and they seemed to get along really well, making us laugh throughout the whole interview.

Like when Emma talked about how she had to mime rock climbing, flailing her arms back and forth while in a teeny tiny recording booth, Ryan joked, "I know. You looked like a crazy person." Can't be self-conscious when you're an actor I guess. Let's hope that footage gets on the DVD.

Then Emma was asked about the skimpy outfit her Croods character wears in the film while climbing rocks [Eep's outfit was pretty damn skimpy], "If this was live action, would you feel comfortable wearing that?"

Ryan responded with perfect timing, "Thank you. I would've."

God, he's funny too!? Damn you, Blake Lively

Anyway, if you're looking for a fun, family-friendly, beautifully animated movie for the weekend, go see The Croods! And if you're wondering if there's such a thing as utter perfection, look no further than Ryan Reynolds, my friends.

Here's a trailer for the movie in case you want to see what Ryan and Emma were referring to in terms of Eep's "skimpy" outfit:

Are you going to see The Croods this weekend?


Image via 20th Century Fox

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