Robert Pattinson 'Dreads' Seeing Kristen Stewart Again & Look What He's Doing to Avoid It

robert pattinsonWell, The Rover has wrapped in Australia and Robert Pattinson is now free to return to his girlfriend Kristen Stewart in Los Angeles. So he's made a beeline for the airport and is winging it back to his lady love as we speak, right? NOPE. He's still in Australia, partying, maybe taking in a little sightseeing. Definitely not in a hurry to get back home. 

Under ordinary circumstances, he'd probably want a bit of a vacay right after filming anyway. But supposedly Rob's dreading coming home and confronting Kristen. Can you blame him?


I'm seeing a lot of reports on RPattz enjoying himself at The Rover's wrap party and just generally relishing being far, far away from Tinsel Town and the pressures of his love life. A source says, "He left in frosty circumstances and needs to make a decision on what to do next. Either way, it will involve a big sit down chat with Kristen and that’s something he’s not looking forward to." Dun dun dunnnn.

Rob's also said that filming in the desert has "changed" him -- I think he was mostly talking about changing him as an actor, but he's hinted he may change his personal life, too. He's had a lot of time to himself to clear his head and see things from a different perspective. He's also gotten to see what life is like without Kristen. He may have discovered he's happier without her than with her -- and you know what that means. But that still doesn't make breaking up any easier.

I can't imagine the pressure -- it's like the whole world is watching to see what Rob and Kristen will do once he returns to L.A. Will they -- won't they?!? It must be hard to say goodbye to the land down under and confront his reality. But he can't postpone it forever.

Do you think Robert is avoiding returning from Australia to avoid the confrontation with Kristen?


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