Kate Moss' '50 Shades of Grey' Reading Is Hilarious & Kind of Shocking (VIDEO)

kate moss reading 50 shades of greyAnyone who has the guts to read Fifty Shades of Grey out loud deserves props. Yes, even celebrities who are doing it on behalf of charity. Come on, it's a book that many people don't even want to be seen carrying -- let alone heard reading on the radio! But that's exactly what notoriously quiet supermodel Kate Moss did recently on a BBC Radio morning show, in an attempt to "do something funny for money" that would benefit a variety of charities. Host Nick Grimshaw explained: "What we asked is if we raised £200,000, we would ask infamous supermodel Kate Moss to open that mouth of hers and talk to the world. I can now tell you that we have raised over £200,000 -- we have done it! It is time to open your mouth Kate Moss. Good morning!"

And off she went, reading a rather long excerpt from the steamy, infamous novel. Check it out ...


Awww, that totally deserves a round of applause! While that was definitely not one of the most X-rated parts of the book she could have read, I'm sure that was NOT easy. (In fact, I know it's not, because a bunch of us bloggers tried to do it a few months back!) Especially not for someone who seems to be somewhat shy. Okay, maybe not when it comes to wearing revealing couture, posing topless, or doing sexy commercials for mascara. But Kate really seems like a natural-born introvert ...

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Yet, she got up the nerve to read E.L. James' risque writing in front of the world. And remained really composed while doing so. I'm impressed! Sheesh, just goes to show that even without talking or talking so little, Kate Moss somehow always manages to steal the show!

Are you impressed by Kate's reading?


Image via BBC

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