Kristen Stewart Has a Big Surprise Waiting for Robert Pattinson When He Comes Home

robert pattinsonCan you believe it's been seven long weeks since Robert Pattinson first started filming The Rover in Australia? Seven weeks that Kristen Stewart has spent away from her estranged boyfriend. A tear! So no doubt KStew has big, big romantic plans for when Robert gets back. That's what a source tells OK!

Reportedly, Kristen wants Robert all to herself for the first 24 hours he's back in the U.S. And she's planning a "special night" for them. Really? A "special night" for the guy who just took a 20-something-hour flight from the other side of the world? If you say so. Tell us more, "source."


She wants to surprise him by waiting in the back seat of a limo at the airport. It’s rare for celeb couples to do that because it doubles the chances of a security issue. So he’ll be really surprised when he gets in that limo.

Well he's not going to be very surprised if you blab those plans to OK! magazine! Anyway, supposedly Kristen will have champagne and pizza for her jet-lagged lovah (because bubbly and greasy pizza are exactly what we all crave after a long, transpacific flight). And she's telling all his friends to back the hell off.

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Actually, I believe the part about wanting 24 hours alone with Robert Pattinson. That makes sense. But not for a romantic reunion. I think Kristen wants Rob to herself so he can put her out of her misery and break up already. They may not need the full 24 hours to accomplish that, but maybe Rob will want to take a long nap or something before dealing with the emotional stuff. If I were Kristen, and I knew I was on the verge of a breakup, I wouldn't want my soon-to-be ex taking a nap and then running off to party with his friends. I'd want to deal with that breakup, stat.

Aw, do I sound too cynical? I just want what's best for them both. You know how it is with a Band-Aid. You've just gotta rip the thing off, quickly. Well, that's what Kristen wants to do. The pizza and champagne are probably for her -- post-breakup.

Do you think Kristen and Rob will break up as soon as he returns, or do you think they'll be as strong as ever?


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