Gorgeous Star May Play Ana in '50 Shades' Movie & This Could Finally Be It

lily collinsWhen I think of young actress Lily Collins, two things come to mind: Eye. Brows. (They're fantastic.) But soon those two words might turn into "fifty" and "shades." The 23-year-old is getting some attention for her new movie Writers, in which she plays a promiscuous young woman who's up for anything and anyone, and it's this meaty, sexy role that has people buzzing about another meaty, sexy role ready for casting ... is Lily the perfect Anastasia Steele for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie?


I've always thought of Lily as a little wholesome to take on a dark, depraved character -- after all, she's starred in such light-hearted flicks as The Blind Side and Mirror, Mirror -- but after watching that Writers trailer, I saw her in a new light. I guess that means that she can act. Who knew.

If Lily's considering the role, she has tough competition. Mila Kunis is floating the idea around of playing Ana, same with Kristen Stewart, Hermione Granger, and Felicity Jones.

But Lily has something going for her that the others don't (besides her eyebrows) -- she's got experience and juuuust the right amount of anonymity.

First of all, she's proven she has the talent to handle the role, and second of all, she's relatively unknown, which allows the audience to totally and completely suspend their disbelief. Two check pluses when you're trying to convince millions of fans you're an innocent young co-ed who happens to find herself in the delightful red room of pain.

Official casting news is still a ways off, but it sounds like Lily's got a good chance. KStew, look out.

Do you think Lily Collins would make a great Ana?


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