Kristen Stewart Was Lonely & Embarrassed on Oscars Night -- Where Was Taylor Lautner?

kristen stewartUsually I'm annoyed at how pouty and slouchy Kristen Stewart acts in her public appearances. I mean, no one begged her to be a movie star, you know? Millions of girls would gladly put up with the paparazzi and the designer gowns (!!!) and the Robert Pattinson kisses to be in her place. Would it kill her to smile and stand up straight?

But on Oscars night, I actually sympathized with her. Twilight is pretty much over, apparently she just lost her boyfriend, she's had a rough year, and to top it all off, she couldn't walk! Can you imagine navigating that red carpet with crutches in that long dress? A source told HollywoodLife that KStew was "mortified" and close to tears the entire night. Poor thing -- couldn't she find a friend's arm to lean on that night?


The source says Kristen "thought she looked ridiculous on the show and was really self-conscious." And whether or not those breakup rumors are true, Robert was way over on the other side of the world that night. "It was just a bad weekend, between the injury and being lonely. She felt dumb and was holding back tears the whole night."

Aw, that sucks. Poor KStew. I don't care how rich and famous and sulky she is, that's just one hell of a bummer. And doesn't it seem poignant that she didn't bring anyone with her? I mean, forget not having a boyfriend, doesn't Kristen have any FRIENDS? It would have been sweet to see her walk the red carpet on Taylor Lautner's arm. She should have had a pal there to offer physical and moral support, don't you think?

But that's Kristen's life now. She's a single gal. (Come on, we all know it's over.) She burned some bridges with that Rupert Sanders affair. Her agents are probably telling her she'll never get paid as much for a role as she did for Twilight. She may not be getting many offers at this point. She's kind of starting over, in a lot of ways.

Maybe it's better that she attended the Oscars alone. This is a major moment of transition for Kristen. She needs to dig deep and think about how she's going to move forward on her own two feet (heheh, sorry, you know what I mean). She's a little older and wiser now. Sure she's been hurt, but hopefully soon, when this all blows over, she'll be wiser.

Did you feel sorry for Kristen Stewart on Oscars night?


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