Child Star All Grown Up Would Make the Perfect Anastasia Steele in '50 Shades' Movie

Alexis BledelThere are so many good looking young brunettes in Hollywood that, at this point, the candidates to play Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie are around every corner. One second we're hearing all about Mila Kunis' Ana potential, the next Kristen Stewart's in the mix. Well Alexis Bledel, whose name has been tossed around for the role, recently revealed her thoughts on a possible Fifty Shades of Grey future.

Bledel confessed to Zap2it that she's thought about it, certainly. She also says that she's "had conversations about it with pretty much everyone at one point or another, but [she doesn't] think the script is even finished yet."

I'm just gotta say it: if she knows the status of the Fifty Shades script, then she's REALLY gotta be considering it (or her agent is), right? In my eyes, she'd be perfect.


Sure, she's a little older than the Ana in the book (Bledel is currently 31), but I think she can play the part fine despite that. Heck, how many times have older A-listers played high school and college roles (Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls, anyone?)?

I just love the awesome innocence about Alexis Bledel, which probably stems from her days as Rory Gilmore. Her acting is honest, she's coy and sweet but has this flirtatious way about her, which I adore. In my mind, she's a dead ringer for E.L. James' Ana, an actress who can truly convey a woman coming into her own alongside a sexy Christian Grey.

Who is your current frontrunner to play Ana? Do you think Alexis would be good for the part?


Image via deneyterrio/Flickr

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