5 Reasons the Next '50 Shades of Grey' Is Even Hotter Than the 'Original'

beautiful bastard bookThe "next Fifty Shades of Grey," which actually lives up to the hype of being given that label is here! Beautiful Bastard by Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings aka "Christina Lauren," which started out as the Twilight-inspired fan-fiction hit The Office, was released on Tuesday.

Yes, I acquired a review copy, and yes, it's a page-turner. So much so that I finished it within a couple of days. You will too. And sure, you may be skeptical. But if you enjoyed Fifty Shades, you're going to LOVE Beautiful Bastard. Maybe even more. Really! Here, five reasons why the steamy novel is even hotter than E.L. James' notorious series ...

  1. Chloe Mills and Bennett Ryan's dynamic is XXX-tremely entertaining! There's no doubt Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are entertaining in their own right ... in a sort of dynamic, mysterious, occasionally grating on your nerves kind of way. But the way Chloe and Bennett talk to one another is so outrageous, you're half-laughing and half so-turned-on-it-hurts.
  2. Chloe Mills is a seriously strong female lead. Unlike Ana, who is so naive and insecure and wishy-washy, Chloe is not an innocent virgin, pushover, damsel in distress, etc. (Which makes her much easier for confident adult women relate to!) And she can hold her own with her incredibly sexy, "beautiful bastard" boss. Which is why they spar like crazy ... and then have super-hot sex.
  3. You don't have to be into/intrigued by "kinky" or unconventional sex play to enjoy it. Not that the sex Chloe and Bennett have is "vanilla" by any means, but they're not really all that into BDSM. More just general power play (which they seem to split equally) and dirty talk. Rawr!
  4. It's speedy. Sorry, but Fifty was so poorly written that you had to take breathers just to heal your brain. BB is far from high-brow literature, but it's not so redundant or clunky that you can't fly through it without cringing ... at least not as a result of the writing! (But maybe because of the way Chloe and Bennett treat one another, ha!)
  5. It doesn't take itself soooo seriously. Really, BB's a great example of what erotica should be -- FUN! It should get you hot and bothered, of course, but it should also make you giggle and say, "OMG! I've totally been there!" or, you know, at least fantasized about being there ... 

Have you read Beautiful Bastard? Do you plan to?

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